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What To Expect

Getting to know each other

Our first meeting is of absolutely no charge, no strings attached. During this time we get a good understanding of your values, life purposes, meaningful goals that will take money and planning to achieve, an overview of your current financial situation and complete your financial roadmap, which you then get to take away with you.

Comprehensive technical analysis

If, as a result of the first meeting, we are both satisfied that a basis for a mutually beneficial business relationship exists, we then do a full comprehensive technical analysis covering every area of your situation.

Create strategy

We then create one or more strategies for you, depending on what’s required

Second meeting

We then have another meeting to ensure you fully understand and are happy with the strategy and adjust it accordingly if required.

Strategy implementation 

From there we implement the strategy for you. You will receive a list of action items that need to be completed from your end. We will action as much as is practically possible from our end.

Monitoring and review

We monitor progress closely, advise as to any course corrections required and review the strategy at least annually.



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Designed by Freepik